Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (2023)

Red Carpet Rewind: The Best Hair Looks From The Met Gala 2023

This year, the red carpet honored the late designer Karl Lagerfeld with the gala’s theme—Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty—and the party was filled with Old Hollywood glamour looks. The A-listers stepped out in satin bows (a Karl staple!), luxurious updos, hair jewels… and even a couple pairs of cat ears inspire by Karl’s beloved Choupette. This is your behind-the-scenes look at your fave celebs’ looks straight from their hairstylists! Scroll through our top picks from Fashion’s Night Out featuring brands we all know and love.

1. Lizzo’s Spiked Fringe + Tight Curl Updo

From the clip-in bangs to curly extensions and high-shine definition, this intricate updo landed a #1 spot on our Met must-see looks.

Celebrity hairstylist Shelby Swain (@theshelbyswain)gave a FULL behind-the-scenes look at this work of art created for the music icon using Dysonheat tools and Lush Cosmetics haircare. Keep scrolling for the full product run-through!

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (1)

Tools & products used for Lizzo’s updo:

  • Dyson Airwrap™ Complete Long “Airwrap™ Complete Long is more than a tool, it is a system. It can be used to perfectly straighten, curl, add shine and reduce flyaways while using minimal heat,” says Shelby.
  • Lush Cosmetics Avocado Co-Wash, Glory Conditioner, Super Milk Conditioning Primer, Shea Souffle Hair & Scalp Oil, Wig Hair Trainer.

Watch here for an insider look at Lizzo’s Met Gala prep: (YES—that is a fringe change!)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (2)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (3)

2. Glossy, Textured Finger Waves on Whitney Peak

Classic Hollywood glam with a deep side part? Count us in every time. Renowned celeb stylist Naeemah LaFond (@naeemahlafond)created shining finger waves for Whitney Peak to grace the Met stairs in.

To achieve the high shine, timeless look Naeemah used a lineup of haircare and styling products from Moroccanoil® to build the look from start to finish.

Here’s a rundown of what Naeemah used from Moroccanoil® to create Whitney’s finger waves:

  • Prep the hair with Moroccanoil® Treatment (just a dime size!)
  • Use Styling Gel to create the sleek, clean side part.
  • Cocktail Curl Control Mousse and Styling Gel to secure the backmost section with an elastic or bungee.
  • Use Styling Gel with a fine-tooth comb to begin creating finger waves in the front section.
  • To protect against any heat tools, use Limited Edition Perfect Defense.
  • Set the waves using the Infrared Hair Dryer with the diffuser attachment.
  • Finish by adding a pop of shine using Moroccanoil® Treatment and Luminous Hairspray Strongto secure in place.

Get Whitney’s FULL step-by-step look here!

3. Quannah Chasinghorse’s Braided Hip-Length Waves

In true supermodel fashion, Quannah stepped onto the carpet in a head-turning gown framed by flowing waves and intricate braids. Celeb stylistPaula Peralta (@thepaulaperalta)used John Paul Mitchell Systems® to create Quanna’s airy waves and styled braids.

Check out every product in Paula’s Met kit used on Quannah:

  • Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam
  • Pro Tools Express Ion+ Hair Dryer
  • Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush
  • Hot Off the Press
  • Pro Tools Express Ion Wave Press
  • Extra Body Finishing Spray
  • Gloss Drops
Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (4)

Moments we love: Quannah admiring the perfectly placed waves Paula created. Click here for the full vid:

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (5)

4. Anne Hathway’s Half-Up-Half-Down “Pouf”

Whether it’s a nod to the 2000s or a revival of classic red carpet glam, Anne Hathway’s elegant half-up styling from Orlando Pita (@hairbyorlandopita)stole our Editor’s hearts.

“The look features a Chanel-inspired hair camellia (a flower made out of hair) from a show I did in the mid-’90s. I had kept this from the show and thought it was the perfect opportunity to include in her look to honor tonight’s theme,” says Pita.

Here’s how Orlando achieved the look:

  • Shampoo and prep the hair with Orlando Pita Play Great Inflate Air Whipped Styling Foam.
  • Once dried, apply Orlando Pita Play Body Breakthrough Volume Boosting Hairspray BEFORE going in with a 1-inch curling iron.
  • Using a hairpiece to add volume, tease and sweep the crown of the hair back to secure it into a half-up style.
  • Finish the look with Orlando Pita Play Climate Change Humidity Block Hair Spray.

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (6)

5. Quinta Brunson’s Triple Buns + Intricate Edges

Talk about GLAMOUR. This year’s red carpets cannot be recapped without a head-turner from Quinta Brunson. Celeb stylistAlexander Armand (@alexander_armand)created a high fashion “artistic crown headpiece,” that he describes as upping the ante on a classic updo.

Quinta’s natural curls took the voluminous look into a long-lasting style with Alexander’s go-to products from Maui Moisture. Here’s his product rundown:

  • Maui Moisture Clarify & Soothe Black Soap Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Frizz-Free + Shea Butter Hair & Scalp Milk
  • Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Edge Control
  • Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Curl Refresher Mist

Behind-the-scenes of Alexander’s finishing touches:

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (7)

6. Julia Garner’s Platinum Natural Curls

Platinum damage who? Julia Garner’s stunning bleached curls looked effortlessly natural walking down the Met’s carpet dressed in Gucci.

“Her look is regal! We wanted to keep her hair feeling like herself and do something timeless to not compete with the dress,” says Julia’s hairstylist Bobby Eliot (@bobbyeliot).

Bobby’s list of products used to achieve Julia’s healthy-looking defined, natural curls:

  • Cocktail of Matrix Setter Mousse and Controller Gel
  • Matrix Food For Soft Multi-Yse Hair Oil Serum
  • Matrix Fixer Hairspray

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (8)

7. Lily James’ Floral Appliqué & Spiked Updo

Bringing a little edge to the elegant carpet, Lily James floated up the Met stairs with a spiked-out floral updo by Halley Brisker (@halleybrisker).

The leather flowers by Lelet New York framed Lily’s updo that was created using what Halley calls, “The magic formula.”

Here’s an insider peek at what products created Lily’s Met look:

  • Prep: OLAPLEX No. 6 Bond Smoother and No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum
  • Finish: OLAPLEX No. 7 Bonding Oil

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (9)

8. Kim Petras’ Sleek Platinum Side Part

Kim’s classically platinum locks took a sleek turn at this year’s Met Gala. Celebrity stylist Igor Rosales (@hairbyiggy)says the pair’s inspiration came from deciding to take a different approach to this year’s look by stripping back a costume element to create a chic and elegant look.

“Kim’s hair is freshly bleached and fragile from being a pop star. So, we used all amika products to treat and style the hair to maintain the health of the hair and keep it looking silky,” Igor explains. View the FULL LOOK and step-by-step from Igor here!

Product rundown for Kim’s bleached hair:

  • amika The Kure Shampoo and Conditioner
  • The Kure Intense Bond Repair Mask
  • Supernova Moisture and Shine Cream
  • Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil
  • Luxus Touchable Hairspray
  • Top Gloss Shine Spray
Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (10)

9. Vanessa Hudgens’ “Galactic Ballerina” Bun

Yeah, you read that correctly. Vanessa’s hairstylist, celebrity-loved special event stylist Danielle Priano (@daniellepriano) described the duo’s inspiration for the Met as, “A galactic ballerina—as an homage to Karl tonight, we modeled the structure of Vanessa’s hair around the iconic Chanel camelia flower.”

In between all of the twists, pins and detail work, Danielle shared her short-form step-by-step with products used to create Vanessa’s stunning updo.

Danielle’s process for Vanessa’s Met look:

  • Prep the hair using SexyHair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse, leaving the roots bare.
  • Blow-dry hair to lock in product and shine using T3 Featherweight StyleMax Hair Dryer.
  • Apply 22″ Great Lengths Tape-In extensions to add body to create the intricate flower.
  • Use SexyHair Powder Play Lite Texture Powder to define and pull each petal to define the look.
  • To secure the updo in place all night, Danielle used SexyHair Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray.
  • For the final touch, use T3 SinglePass StyleMax Flat Iron to press the ends into a leaf-like shape to finish off the flower design.

View the FULL step-by-step of Vanessa’s look!

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (11)

Watch Danielle’s full process from the dressing room:

10. Gisele’s Airy Natural-Looking Waves

“We went for a quintessential Gisele, accentuated by a beautiful natural wave,” says celebrity stylist David Von Cannon (@davidvoncannon).

Creating such natural-looking waves that remain defined and voluminous on the carpet is every celeb’s first request. To nail this sought-after look, David shared his go-to tools to try!

How to accentuate Gisele’s supermodel waves:

  • Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion High Performance Professional Hair Dryer—use on a low speed to not disturb any texture created.
  • Titanium + Ion Professional 1.25″ Curling Iron—the preferred size of a barrel to define and reshape any waves that may have fallen during the drying process.

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (12)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (13)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (14)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (15)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (16)

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (17)

Photo credit: Instagram via @gisele

Photo credit: Instagram via @gisele

Photo credit: Instagram via @davidvoncannon

Photo credit: Instagram via @gisele

Met Gala 2023: The Hottest Hair & Beauty Looks - (18)

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What is the hair trend for Met Gala 2023? ›

Grey hair or “granny hair”, a big hair trend of yesteryear, was prominent at the 2023 Met Gala, as seen on celebrities such as Cardi B, Cara Delevingne and Phoebe Bridgers. Cara's shaggy bob and Cardi's retro 60s style were standouts.

What is this year's Met Gala theme? ›

Met Gala 2023 looks: See photos of the red carpet arrivals

While past themes like "camp" and "punk" have given attendees broad creative leeway, this year's theme honors not a concept, but a person: "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty" is intended to honor the late designer, who died in 2019 at age 85.

What is the new hairstyle for 2023? ›

From the Rachel 2.0 to butterfly layers, contour cutting and Hailey Bieber-inspired bobs—there are a few themes among 2023's trends: Layers, fringe and framing. The radar is still showing the influence of the '60s, '70s, plus a major influx in '90s cuts with extreme layering at every length.

What's new for hair 2023? ›

"Think healthy, voluminous, classic looks, with modern twists and layers,” he says. Basically, consider 2023 to be the year of the comeback with the voluminous curls of the '70s, the shaggy mullets of the '80s, the bouncy blowouts of the '90s, and the side parts of the '00s being bigger and better than ever.

Who was the most inappropriate dress at the Met Gala 2023? ›

Janelle Monáe leads the worst-dressed list at the 2023 Met Gala in BIZARRE nearly-naked frock - while Lil Nas opts for bold spray-painted look.

Who has the most expensive outfit at the Met Gala? ›

It comes as no surprise that a Kardashian has worn the most expensive dress to the Gala. In 2022, Kim Kardashian got her hands on Marilyn Monroe's custom gown she wore to sing Happy Birthday to President John F.

Do celebrities pick their Met Gala looks? ›

Who Picks the Outfits. While Wintour has final say over every attendee's attire, their loos technically do not have to be approved by the Vogue EIC (though she is aware of everything that gets to walk the famous carpet). "Each celebrity has been chosen to wear a gown by a designer.

Do celebs pay for Met Gala? ›

😂😂😂😂😂, no. The Met Gala is invitation only, and Anna Wintour is in charge of the guest list…to the point where even if a designer/brand spends the money to buy an entire table, Anna still dictates who they get to invite.

What food is served at the Met Gala 2023? ›

The menu listed items like chilled spring pea soup with baby vegetables, lemon creme fraiche, and truffle snow. For mains, guests were served Ora King salmon. According to reports, the menu was based on the late designer's favourites. The food was accompanied with plenty of wine and diet Coke as well.

How much is a Met Gala ticket? ›

How much does a ticket to the Met Gala cost? According to PageSix, inflation has really come for the Met Gala as the price for a ticket in 2023 is $50,000, which is up from the 2022 price of just $30,000 per person (what a steal!) But, just because you've got $50K lying around somewhere does not guarantee you a ticket.

What is the most popular hairstyle in 2023? ›

Long, Choppy, Textured Bob

"2023's biggest hair trend and most requested by my clients is the Long, Choppy Textured Bob. This cut is easy to style and super cute year-round." — Ashley Gomila, Celebrity Hairstylist.

What kind of haircut makes you look younger? ›

Sleek, straight bob

According to Thompson and Wilson, a bob is not only universally flattering but is also one of the hairstyles that make you look younger because “it softens facial features and opens up the face,” which, in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Is long hair or short hair in style 2023? ›

Longer lengths will be just as hot for 2023—but it's not the mermaid-esque, small-of-the-back grazing tresses that have dominated for the past few years. Instead, Lopez says longer hair is landing somewhere in the middle.

Is grey hair in for 2023? ›

A layered gray or silver lob will turn heads in the natural light as well as inside, she says, "due to the delightful metallic glow it offers. It is an on-trend style suitable for women of all ages, hence it will continue to rock in 2023."

Are bangs in or out for 2023? ›

"Soft bangs are a hot trend for 2023, with celebs like Anne Hathaway, Lily Collins, and Phoebe Dynevor rocking their own spins on the classic," says Velasquez.

Is black hair in for 2023? ›

According to celebrity colorist Cassandra Keading, dark hair is here to stay and will be huge for spring 2023.

Who picks Met Gala outfits? ›

This Year's Theme And How It Was Chosen

The Costume Institute's yearly exhibit and corresponding gala theme is created by the institute's chief curator Andrew Bolton and researched for years before being approved.

Who starved themselves to fit in Met Gala dress? ›

Kardashian spoke to Vogue at the Met Gala about the extreme lengths she went to fit into Monroe's dress, saying, “It was such a challenge. It was like a [movie] role. I was determined to fit [into] it. I haven't had carbs or sugar in about three weeks.

How much did Kim pay for her Met Gala dress? ›

On the Met Gala red carpet, Kardashian wore the $5 million dress Monroe wore to sing "Happy Birthday" to President John F.

Do celebrities keep their Met Gala dresses? ›

Most of the times, the expensive outfits that are loaned to the celebrities are given back to the designers, as the clothes do not fetch anything more beyond the event. Many celebrity stylists who have worked with several stars have mentioned that there is a budget, which is set while making the designer outfit.

How much did Kim K dress cost? ›

Kim Kardashian: $500,000

It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian would land on our list for the most expensive wedding dress of all time.

Do celebrities pay for their met outfits? ›

Important to note that celebrity attendees generally don't pay for their own ticket, with entry costs and costumes financed by major fashion houses. All the money from Met Gala tickets are then donated to the Costume Institute, as a self-funded department of the museum.

Which celebrity has never been invited to the Met Gala? ›

Despite being one of Hollywood's most acclaimed actresses, Meryl Streep has never once stepped out at the Met Gala. Fellow film icons like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio have also skipped out on the bash.

Who broke the Met Gala rule? ›

Irina Shayk Broke One Of Karl Lagerfeld's Cardinal Fashion Rules At The Met Gala After-Party.

Is the Met Gala invite only? ›

A ticket to the Met Gala, which is invite only, is hard to come by. A single ticket costs some $50,000 though designers may opt to buy an entire table for at least $300,000.

Can just anyone go to the Met Gala? ›

So, can anyone who can afford a ticket go? Unfortunately not. Unlike other charity events, the Met Gala is invitation only and there is a waiting list to get a ticket. According to The New York Times, invitations are typically based on a person's status.

Do you still have to pay if you get invited to the Met Gala? ›

Each year, the Met Gala is one of the most exclusive events in art and fashion with guests ranging from reality TV stars to musicians, and even the occasional royal family member. While you must be invited personally by Vogue director Anna Wintour, that doesn't mean you don't have to purchase a ticket first.

What happens at a Met Gala? ›

Each year's event celebrates the specific theme of that year's Costume Institute exhibition, which sets the tone for the formal attire of the night. Guests are expected to curate their fashion to match the theme of the annual exhibit, generally in haute couture.

Is the Met Gala a dinner? ›

Because the actual gala is a private dinner inside the museum, it's not broadcast. But the red carpet, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET, will have a livestream that can be watched via Vogue's digital platforms and social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Who bought tables at the Met Gala? ›

In 2021, however, Hamilton wanted people to turn their heads, not for him, but for his entourage that evening. Hamilton, who has always spoken about more inclusion and diversity, both inside and outside F1, bought a whole table at the gala.

Can a 14 year old go to the Met Gala? ›

As of 2018, Met Gala attendees must be 18 or older.

Where does Met Gala money go? ›

The Met Gala raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute — a collection of more than 33,000 pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories that documents fashion from the 1400s to now.

What is the purpose of a gala? ›

A gala event is a popular fundraiser idea for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Definition of gala: An annual festive occasion that recognizes a nonprofit's success for that year, building a case for supporters' continued donations.

Is long hair trending in 2023? ›

Longer lengths will be just as hot for 2023—but it's not the mermaid-esque, small-of-the-back grazing tresses that have dominated for the past few years. Instead, Lopez says longer hair is landing somewhere in the middle.

Who will be invited to Met Gala 2023? ›

Who's on the Met Gala guest list 2023?
  • Dua Lipa. 2 of 127. Dua Lipa. ...
  • Penelope Cruz. 3 of 127. Penelope Cruz. ...
  • Michaela Coel. 4 of 127. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue. ...
  • Elle Fanning. 6 of 127. ...
  • Emma Chamberlain. 12 of 127. ...
  • Florence Pugh. 63 of 127.
May 1, 2023

Is wavy hair in style 2023? ›

It's our time to shine in the natural hair community. Curls, waves, and tight coils are the perfect canvas for asymmetrical cuts, voluminous ponytails, and naturally bold lengths. Protective styles are going to be hot in 2023.

What is the most popular haircut for 2023? ›

"2023's biggest hair trend and most requested by my clients is the Long, Choppy Textured Bob. This cut is easy to style and super cute year-round." — Ashley Gomila, Celebrity Hairstylist.

What dress length is in style 2023? ›

While micro-mini hemlines are still being worn today, the Stitch Fix annual Style Forecast shows 2023 is the year of the midi dress.

Are skinny jeans out of style 2023? ›

Skinny Jeans, Skinny Pants & Leggings Are Back in For Fall 2023.

What aesthetic will be popular in 2023? ›

Indie sleaze—the Tumblr-inspired aesthetic that fueled last year's rise of miniskirts, ballet flats and tank tops—matures into Elevated Indie in 2023. Led by designers like Khaite and Saint Laurent, the downtown-cool aesthetic appeals to a broader demographic that appreciates timeless denim and leather pieces.

Who picks who goes to Met Gala? ›

While the gala might be a charity event, and primarily about raising funds, that doesn't mean just anyone gets to attend. Since 1995, the guest list has been carefully presided over byVogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and this year is no different.

Who picks the guests for Met Gala? ›

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue and the lead chairperson of the Gala event since 1995 (excluding 1996 and 1998), oversees both the benefit committee and the guest list, with Vogue staffers helping to assemble the list of invitees.

How much is Met Gala ticket 2023? ›

How much does a ticket to the Met Gala cost? According to PageSix, inflation has really come for the Met Gala as the price for a ticket in 2023 is $50,000, which is up from the 2022 price of just $30,000 per person (what a steal!)

Do bangs make you look younger? ›

Adding bangs to the hairstyle will help shape your face and make you appear much younger. The best part about layers and bangs is that they work for any type of hairstyle, from long locks to shorter styles. Either way, with the right cut, they will add personality to your look and highlights your best features.

What is the most popular haircut? ›

By far, the most popular hairstyle in the country is the perm. Our research found* that a total of 33 states listed this as their most popular hairstyle.


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