Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review (2023) (2023)

Ginny & Georgia - Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review (2023) (1)

A Very Merry Ginny and Georgia Christmas Special

Episode 6 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts with Ginny narrating how she loves Christmas and how her mom used to make it nice even though they were poor. She says this as she puts up Christmas decorations. Ginny finishes up by saying ‘merry Christmas’ but in a gloomy mood.

In their bedroom, Paul puts the gun inside a box saying he’s going to drop it off at the police station. Georgia is still in bed covered up because Ginny apparently called her a monster. Paul tries to make her feel better by telling her Ginny still loves her. He also asks her if there are more guns that she has hidden. Georgia says no and Paul leaves.

At the breakfast table, Georgia shows up still covered up in a blanket looking all gloomy. They are talking about hosting Paul’s parents for Christmas Eve and Ginny notices her mom is still upset. She suggests that the two go to Boston to shop while Austin and Paul go out to cut a tree with his brother and his father.

Georgia leaves to take a shower and Ginny thinks she broke her. Ginny tells Marcus that she has never seen her mom so sad. They talk about Christmas but Marcus is not as into Christmas as Ginny is.

The girls pick Ginny and she leaves her notebook behind. They head over to where Bracia is and Bracia has to do what Ginny decides between giving tickets or giving a hat to Bryon. Ginny decides on getting tickets.

Marcus is leaving and he sees Ginny’s notebook and he picks it up. Georgia is busy getting the venue for the Christmas carnival ready. He buys costumes for both Paul and Nick. Nick is to be the elf helping Santa while Paul becomes Santa.

Georgia shows him a photo she posted on social media and Paul is not pleased. Abby and Maxine are walking while talking when Maxine tells Abby how she liked Sophie and Josh’s photo on Instagram and how she sent her a long text message. Sophie did not reply and so Maxine feels awful about it.

At the restaurant, Ginny is all excited about Christmas and tells her friends that they’ll be doing face painting for the children at the carnival. At Austin’s school, Gil is busy doing some magic to make the kids happy. After the magic tricks session, Austin asks him why he doesn’t want her mom to know if he is around and Gil tells him it is a secret that he shouldn’t let out.

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Gil is leaving and before he is out of the door, Paul comes to pick up Austin for the tree-cutting activity they had planned for.

Bracia and Bryon see each other and Bryon discovers that Bracia had him as her secret Santa. They both plan to go to a game. Next, Maxine gives Silver her gift and she is very happy about the gift.

Georgia goes to get Ginny from Joe’s restaurant for their shopping in Boston. Joe tells her Ginny is a kid and she didn’t mean anything she said in her poem.

Ginny tries again to apologize to her mom but Georgia is not hearing any of that. So they proceed to go shopping.

There is a flashback of when Ginny was young and enjoying a simple Christmas time with Georgia but young Gil shows up with lots of gifts and a necklace for Georgia as a Christmas gift.

Simone and Zion are busy catching up at Zion’s home and Ginny and Georgia show up but Georgia seems a little jealous of Simone. The two don’t say much and they leave saying they visited to say hi to Zion.

Georgia invites Zion and Simone, but Simone declines saying she is to have hers with her family. Georgia invites Zion’s parents to the Christmas Eve dinner and Ginny and Georgia leave.

Georgia is busy trying to find Simone’s social media profile, she’s kind of jealous. She is disappointed that Ginny never told her about Simone. Paul and Austin arrive with a big Christmas tree. Austin is excited about Christmas gifts and goes upstairs. Georgia breaks the news to Paul that she may have invited Zion and his parents for Christmas Eve dinner and Paul is not happy about it so Georgia covers her face with a blanket she was holding.

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While upstairs Austin looks for something and accidentally finds a gun and sees it in his mom’s bedroom. Paul calls him and he returns it and runs downstairs. On the other hand, Gabriel is busy with his investigation and sees an image related to Ginny. He googles and finds out it is related to ‘the Blood Eyes biker gang’ which is connected to money laundering and racketeering cases.

At the Christmas carnival, Ginny’s friends are busily face-painting the kids from the shelter. Georgia welcomes everyone and invites Paul who is the mayor and Santa to welcome everyone. Paul sits on Santa’s chair and looks at Georgia with a pissed look.

Marcus and Austin are playing and Ginny joins them but Marcus leaves saying goodbye to Austin. Max joins Austin and Ginny and tells Ginny that Marcus must love her because he hates being around people.

Paul is busy taking pictures with people and Gabriel, the private detective comes in. Georgia sees him and is not happy. She approaches him. Gabriel tells her about his findings and this makes Georgia uncomfortable butcher hides it well.

Cynthia visits Joe at the restaurant and tells him that what had happened between them was a mistake and she does not want any more complications in her life. She says Merry Christmas to him and leaves.

At the carnival, the mayor is now pissed and goes to Georgia to tell her how he is feeling. He feels disrespected both at home and at work.

Maxine, Ginny and Bracia are together and Bryon says hi as he passes and all the girls look at him. At the kissing booth, Sophie and Silver are next and Maxine notices that. She asks Silver to let her be next so she can meet Sophie. Bracia tries to stop her but she wouldn’t hear her.

She proceeds to the booth where she finds Sophie and asks if she would like to kiss. Sophie tells her to stop liking anything about her on Instagram and to stop texting her.

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Back at Ginny’s house, Marcus and Ginny are talking and Ginny does not like that they won’t spend Christmas together. Marcus gifts her notebook with a new cover and leaves.

Ginny asks if Georgia needs help and she accepts the help. Georgia falls down with potatoes and she lays there frustrated wondering why no one likes her. Ginny assures her that she loves her. Ginny is also overwhelmed and she gets a lighter. She then leaves Georgia to pick up the fallen potatoes. In Ginny’s room, she closes the door behind her and lights up the lighter.

At dinner, Georgia thanks Lynette for coming last minute but Lynette says she loves spending Christmas with Ginny. The conversations become unfavorable to Georgia and she leaves to get more wine, Ginny joins her but she doesn’t want to hear anything Ginny has to say.

Zion tries to talk to her, and she listens but Paul comes and tells Zion he will handle it from there. Georgia however doesn’t want to hear anything Paul has to say and she leaves.

Ginny is playing the piano in her bedroom and Lynette, her grandmother, joins her in singing. She later tells her she doesn’t hate Georgia and that she should always call them when she needs anything.

Georgia goes to Joe’s restaurant and wonders why Joe is all alone. But Joe says he will be at his parents on New Year’s. They talk and Georgia says she feels like Joe doesn’t judge him in the end, Georgia hugs Joe and leaves. As she leaves she mentions that she has always loved horses and Joe says he remembers.

Georgia finds Paul sitting and drinking wine, he offers her a glass and she accepts, lying on his chest. At the same time, Joe is closing the restaurant, and Cynthia comes in and they start making out.

On Christmas day, Austin runs to open the gifts. The rest of the family joins him and Austin does some magic trick that makes Georgia uncomfortable. There is a knock at the door and in comes Gil. They are not pleased by the surprise visit or the gifts he offers Georgia. Austin and Paul go sledging while Gil and Georgia are left behind to say goodbye. Gil tells Georgia he’s changed and she tells him he needed to. After Gil leaves, Georgia rushes to shut the door.

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Georgia sees Ginny’s therapy notebook and opens it. Immediately she calls Zion to tell him that Ginny has been burning herself. Zion tells her he knows about it but she’s trying to be better. She rushes to Ginny’s bedroom and demands that Ginny shows her where she’s been burning herself. Georgia tries to force her but Ginny throws her off. She removes her pants and shows her.

Georgia is heartbroken and asks if this was after Kenny and Ginny tells her it was before. They embrace and they both start sobbing. Georgia tells her she is sorry she never noticed and she should tell her all about her pain.

The Episode Review

I felt bad for Georgia when she saw the burn marks on Ginny’s legs. She looked broken and Ginny looked sad and vulnerable. As parents, it is not easy to see your child going through pain or to learn they have been hiding it from you. Georgia has always tried to protect Ginny and she is realizing she can’t protect Ginny from herself.

Ginny has been through a lot and self-harming is what she does to deal with the emotional pain she feels. It is good that Zion is getting her the help she deserves.

The return of Gil shook Georgia and I don’t blame her, he doesn’t come off as a good guy. I can’t wait to see how Georgia will handle this.

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What happens in Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 6? ›

Georgia invites Zion's parents to the Christmas Eve dinner and Ginny and Georgia leave. Georgia is busy trying to find Simone's social media profile, she's kind of jealous. She is disappointed that Ginny never told her about Simone. Paul and Austin arrive with a big Christmas tree.

What happened in episode 6 of Ginny and Georgia? ›

Season 2 Episode 6 opens making it known it's Christmas. Ginny narrates how she's always loved Christmas, even when her family was poor. Georgia is still upset at Ginny's poem; her daughter called her a monster. Afterward, Georgia and Paul have to prepare for their families' merging for Christmas.

Does Max forgive Ginny? ›

She still ices out Ginny and Abby after everything that happened. She gets closer to Nora and doesn't feel like forgiving the other two for weeks. However, when she realizes Marcus and Ginny really love each other she forgives them and they reunite just in time for Max and Marcus' birthdays.

Do they find out Georgia killed Kenny? ›

By the finale, we know that Georgia is a murderer. She poisoned two of her ex-husbands: Kenny, who she poisoned after he got inappropriate with Ginny, and Anthony Greene, who owned the hotel that employed her when Ginny was a baby.

Who gets pregnant in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Ginny and Georgia star Brianne Howey reveals she's pregnant with first child. Queen Charlotte: Who is Jacqueline Avant?

Does Ginny get pregnant with Marcus? ›

While Ginny discovers sex with Marcus during the first season, she does not get pregnant like her mother did when she was a teenager. She does have a minor freak out about contraception but Georgia puts her on contraception before she even knows Ginny has been sexually active.

What happened to Kenny's body in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Ginny also doesn't know that in addition to Georgia killing Kenny, she also had his body exhumed, cremated, and his ashes turned into in the fireworks used to celebrate Mayor Paul's (Scott Porter) re-election. (A clever way of hiding the evidence, however dark.)

What did Brody say to Ginny in episode 7? ›

Take episode 7 (“Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk”), where Brodie tells Ginny that he likes her straightened hair better than her natural hair and that “if you had an *ss, you'd be perfect. It's weird that you don't, but…” What Brodie said to Ginny was more than a microaggression.

What episode does Georgia tell Ginny she was abused? ›

In Episode 7, “Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk,” Georgia painfully tells her daughter that she was abused by her stepfather her entire childhood.

Who does Ginny really love? ›

Indeed, Gentry acknowledges how significant Marcus and Ginny's relationship is to each of them on a spiritual level. “I think they're always going to be in each other's lives, and I love their relationship this season,” Gentry told Hollywood Life. “I love the way the two of them evolve, and I hope the fans do too.”

Does Ginny lose her V card? ›

Explaining her reasons for having Ginny lose her virginity in the first episode, creator Sarah Lampert told TVLine: "A lot of our show is about subverting tropes, and one of my least favorite tropes is the idea that virginity is — and only for women, really — something special to hold onto.

Who ends up with Ginny? ›

“Once you're happy, you have so much more to lose,” she narrates in a state of tentative bliss after her fairy-tale wedding to Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter) in the Season 2 finale of Ginny & Georgia. For a moment, it seems like things are actually peachy for the new mayoress.

Who killed Tom in Ginny and Georgia? ›

In contrast, Georgia kills Tom in the Netflix show out of mercy and the empathy she has for the Fuller family (despite the long-standing rivalry she's had with Cynthia). Even though Georgia killing Tom negatively impacts her and her family, it is a huge step forward for Georgia's character in Ginny & Georgia.

Who has Georgia killed in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Kenny's family are convinced that Georgia murdered Kenny for his money and they even hire a private investigator to prove it. However, it's later revealed that Georgia saw Kenny grope Ginny. In a bid to protect Ginny from being assaulted further, Georgia killed Kenny and used her inheritance to start a new life.

Who does Georgia end up with? ›

In the Season 2 finale, Georgia marries Mayor Paul Randolph (played by Scott Porter) after she confesses a lot (but certainly not all) of her past sins to him… and then she gets arrested for murder mid-wedding, somewhat ruining the mood.

What age did Georgia get pregnant? ›

Georgia got pregnant when she was 15 years old. Zion introduced her to his parents in Virginia, who were very supportive of Georgia and took care of everything regarding the pregnancy.

Who did Georgie get pregnant? ›

Nelson), Georgie's predicament continues as he navigates his complicated relationship with Mandy (Emily Osment) in light of their accidental pregnancy.

Did Ginny sleep with Hunter? ›

They end up hooking up, and Ginny tells Hunter that she's on the pill and gives him consent for everything.

Did Marcus really love Ginny? ›

Their bond and relationship grows and eventually he asks her to be his girlfriend. Both of them seem happier than ever. Marcus gets Max's forgiveness when she realizes they both love each other. Ginny encourages Marcus to give Padma closure after their break up, which he does eventually.

Will Ginny and Marcus get back together in season 3? ›

Ginny and Marcus aren't going to rush into being together again. "Ginny has that layer of like, 'My mom's a killer,' all this stuff," Gentry explained when asked where she thinks the relationship is at. "I think they should be friends right.

What is Georgia's secret in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Georgia's face drains of color as she realizes Ginny told him her biggest secret: She killed her ex-husband.

What is Kenny's curse? ›

As a result of his parents' teenage Cthulhu-worshipping ways, Kenny is cursed to be an immortal abomination. Every time he is killed, his mother births a new baby Kenny who then ages rapidly to his 8-year-old form, ready for his next adventure.

Why does Abby tape her thighs in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Abby tapes her legs in 'Ginny & Georgia' due to her body dysmorphia. Abby's body dysmorphia is first explored in Season 1 after Press calls her “whale legs.” Though she tries to shake ofr the comment by saying “whales don't have legs,” the off-handed remark sticks with Abby.

Why didn t Georgia stay with Zion? ›

Ginny is Zion's daughter. Georgia gave birth to her when she was 15 years old, and Zion was 18 years old. Zion and his family were very supportive and Zion really loved Ginny, but after his parents requested legal guardianship Georgia ran away with Ginny, leading him to miss an entire year of her life.

What mental illness does Abby have in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Another big topic dealt with this season is body dysmorphia through the character of Abby, who is Ginny's friend. Abby struggles with bulimia nervosa, a disorder where one eats and then purges their food. This bulimia is rooted in her family struggles and evolved in season two.

What did Ginny do with the tooth brush? ›

Ginny masturbates with an electric toothbrush in Ginny & Georgia and Netflix users can't believe it.

What drink did Ginny give Paul? ›

Maxine sees her when she tries to sneak out and walks past her like she doesn't exist. The next morning, Ginny decides she is done being treated like a pawn and makes Paul some juice. Georgia is scared though that she's added wolfsbane in it (the same poison Georgia used to kill Kenny).

What episode does Ginny lose virginity? ›

At the end of the series' seventh episode, “Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk,” Ginny announces to her mom, “Hunter went down on me.” Hunter, played by Mason Temple, is Ginny's first boyfriend.

Does Zion know Georgia killed? ›

Perhaps Ginny's father doesn't know about Georgia's murders, but Zion clearly knows, loves, and accepts her for who she is. That much was made clear in flashback scenes from Season 2 as he witnessed Georgia shoot her abusive stepfather. “He knows things about her that most men don't,” Fisher explains.

Who was stalking Ginny? ›

Gabriel Cordova is a character in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia. He is portrayed by Alex Mallari Jr..

Do Ginny and her bf break up? ›

While Ginny and Marcus try to continue dating as they work on confronting their respective traumas, it all becomes too much for Marcus. During their devastating breakup scene, Marcus tells Ginny, “I don't have room for anyone else's pain right now.” No room for anyone else's pain.

Was Ginny pregnant in the books? ›

Ginny Potter became pregnant with her and Harry Potter's first child, James Sirius, after the Second Wizarding War and sometime in or around 2004. Ginny gave birth to the couple's second son, Albus Severus, about two years after his brother in 2006.

What made Harry fall in love with Ginny? ›

During his sixth year, Harry discovers that he finds Ginny to be a source of constant hilarity. When he is sixteen, Harry develops feelings for Ginny, but it is not her physical attributes that he spends the bulk of his time thinking about; rather, it is her humour.

Who took Pansy V card? ›

Pansy Parkinson

Draco lost his virginity to her on the Yule Ball night in fourth year and since then Draco and Pansy had been sexual partners.

Who did Sakura lose her V card to? ›

In the canon manga, it's confirmed Sasuke and Sakura have a child together, hence her losing it to Sasuke. Kakashi and Sakura have never been sexually active together.

Does Ginny become head girl? ›

Aside from Bill Weasley, his brother Percy is the only other member of the Weasley family to become a Head Boy. Some fans wonder if Ginny Weasley may have become a Prefect or Head Girl at one point, but it is never mentioned in the series.

Does Georgia end up with Zion? ›

By Season 2, she is engaged to marry mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter). And that is seemingly what Zion wanted for his ex, and the reason he ultimately walked away this time. In fact, as fans know, Zion actually left at the end of Season 1 upon seeing how happy Georgia and Paul were together, per HITC.

Do Georgia and Joe get together? ›

Ginny & Georgia season 2 focused heavily on Georgia and Paul's romance, but quite a few moments confirmed that Georgia and Joe are meant to be together. Ginny & Georgia season 1 established its characters well and set up a few possible romances for Ginny and Georgia.

Does Georgia get Kenny's money? ›

Virginia, aka Ginny, along with her mother Georgia and half-brother Austin are moving to Wellsbury, Massachusetts, after Georgia's husband Kenny died of a heart attack while driving a car. Georgia is all set to receive his money and the yoga studios he owned—not before Kenny's ex-wife contests the will.

What did Georgia do to Cynthia's husband? ›

When Cynthia goes upstairs to look for her son, Georgia goes to Tom and tells her that she's gonna look after Cynthia and be there for her. She then tearfully takes a pillow and smothers Tom to death.

Who dies in season 2 of Ginny and Georgia? ›

In Season Two, Austin secretly witnesses his mom suffocate and kill Cynthia's husband Tom Fuller, who is comatose. Fisher and Lampert note that this is the first time Georgia kills because she thinks it will help someone who is not one of her kids.

Is Georgia evil in Ginny and Georgia? ›

But she's also…a murderer. Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey, has done whatever necessary to keep her two kids — Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraca) — safe over the years. She's committed crimes, shuffled them from place to place, and hid her past transgressions to spare them pain.

Who was abused in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Telling the story of Ginny and her mother Georgia — who was abused as a child, joined a biker gang for protection, became a teenage mother, was thrown into a series of abusive relationships and learned to kill others to keep her loved ones alive — the Netflix show “Ginny & Georgia” rose to popularity after its first ...

What plant killed Kenny in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Kenny Drexel

While it appears as if Kenny simply suffers a heart attack while driving, we eventually find out that Georgia actually killed him with wolfsbane, an extremely poisonous blue flower blended into his protein shake, which is what causes him to go into cardiac arrest.

Why did Sophie and Max break up? ›

After receiving her early acceptance into NYU, Sophie tells Max that she doesn't see it working when she goes to college next year. Max points out that that is still a long way away. The pair break up anyway and Sophie leaves Max heartbroken.

Who does Georgia marry in Georgia and Ginny? ›

As the series continues, romance has become quite an issue for the two titular women, particularly Georgia and her many love interests. On the one hand, she married Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter) in the second season's finale, though the events that transpired after may make that marriage short-lived.

Do Georgia and Harry end up together? ›

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati Breakup

The duo first got together in June of 2022, however, according to this article the two broke up later that year in the fall sometime.

What happens in season 2 episode 7 of Ginny and Georgia? ›

Maxine takes Marcus home and while she's getting her to bed he asks Maxine if Ginny is not supposed to like him. Back at the therapy session, Ginny is telling Georgia what she wants from her. She needs Georgia to always listen to her. Georgia and Ginny are in the car and they drink to the session they just had.

Does Joe realize who Georgia is? ›

Before Joe even knew Georgia was the girl he met all of those years ago, which he didn't figure out until late into the season, his feelings for her were strong.

What happens in episode 6 Last of Us? ›

Ellie faces a new level of responsibility in episode 6. The Last of Us episode 6 came to HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, rejoining Ellie and Joel (Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal) after they lost new friends Henry and Sam to truly horrible fates. However, they managed to escape Kansas City's marauders and infected.

What happens in episode 8 of Ginny and Georgia? ›

Marcus reveals that though he loves her, he cannot be with her because he doesn't seem like the right person for her. Ginny is hurt by his words and reveals she has been noticing his distant behavior off late but could not come to a conclusion about the same.

Does Paul find Georgia's other gun? ›

It turns out the other gun was right in her and Paul's room, and it is implied that she might use this gun to threaten Gil to move away and not bother her and her family going forward.

Why doesn t Georgia trust Gil? ›

In flashbacks throughout Season Two, viewers learn that Gil was physically abusive and that Georgia framed him for embezzling money from his company.

Do Georgia and Zion get together? ›

Zion met Georgia when they were both teenagers, and they fell in love right away. Zion knows about and was largely present throughout Georgia's past, including the situation with her family and her joining a motorcycle gang, among other things. Eventually, Georgia gets pregnant with him, and they have Ginny together.

Why is Joel holding his chest? ›

“You see some of that as they exit the cabin as he seizes his chest.” Mazin confirms Joel is suffering a panic attack, “and he doesn't know why.” “Panic attacks feel very much like heart attacks,” Mazin says, “It's your body telling you you're in terrible danger, but you don't understand yet why.

Why is Ellie immune? ›

Ellie's Immunity Comes From Cordyceps Already In Her System

Whenever Cordyceps has entered Ellie's system - such as the bites shown in The Last of Us episodes 2 and 7 - the Cordyceps already in her system make the new fungi entering her body think she is already infected, rendering her immune from its effects.

What is Joel's chest pain? ›

The chest pain is the result of Joel experiencing a panic attack, a terrifying ailment that he's unfamiliar with feeling. "Panic attacks feel very much like heart attacks. It's your body telling you, 'You're in terrible danger,' but you don't understand yet, why," Mazin said.

Does Abby have an eating disorder in Ginny and Georgia? ›

Another big topic dealt with this season is body dysmorphia through the character of Abby, who is Ginny's friend. Abby struggles with bulimia nervosa, a disorder where one eats and then purges their food. This bulimia is rooted in her family struggles and evolved in season two.

What did Maddie's dad do to Georgia? ›

In Episode 7, “Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jerk,” Georgia painfully tells her daughter that she was abused by her stepfather her entire childhood. “He molested me most nights with my mom asleep in the next room,” she says.


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